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Friday, March 25, 2011

Flash Back Friday

I love posting about trends that have made a strong come back and hope that some of you are able to jump on the trend in one way or another. I have been noticing myself browsing through accessories lately and adding fun headbands or feathers in my hair. When deciding on pictures of this "Headband" trend I laugh to myself and think of my sister Hollie and how we use to call her "Headband Hollie". Growing up any time that she got out of getting her hair done by our mom, she would get her bangs soaking wet with water and slick on a headband. She would wear it super close to her forehead and was ready to go. Those who know Hollie, love her to death like I do. So "Headband Hollie" this post is for you! 

How about Headbands in the 50's with the Beehive
  Or the 60's
1970's (this look is BACK!)

Trend Now... 2011

Emilio Pucci Spring 2011 Collection. I love the Color Inspiration!

Now, What do you think of this look? Nicole Richie in House of Harlow.
Good or Bad look?

Happy "Flash Back Friday"
Have a great weekend everyone

Images all found at googleimgaes

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  1. Cute! I wish I could pull some of those looks off. But I can't. I've tried. haha. I have a weird head for headbands or something.